What if I have a question about my analysis?

No problem! We want to make sure to talk with everyone who purchases a BPO analysis. Just make sure jolt down the infographic or chart numbers that you're curious about and we will make sure to help you out. 

What is a Building Performance Outlook?

Quickly and easily analyze your building's performance for energy using systems to accomplish energy indolence in 2030. We'll riga-size solar energy systems based on your loads and give you meaningful feedback on financial performance metrics.

What if I accidently delete my analysis?

Don't worry, we'll keep your performance analysis available through our Sharefile downloads portal for 1 calendar year (365 days) from purchase, and we can always upload a previous analysis for your download after that.

Go To - https://vibrantcy.sharefile.com/

Why don't I get my analysis instantly?

 We want to ensure that your loads, energy systems, and financial performance metrics are appropriate for your building type and location. we use the time to go over your results, adjust figures based on your climate zone, and add additional details that help you better see your energy consumption story.

How can I use a BPO analysis?

Designers and contractors use BPO during interviews as "leave-behind" documents, pre-analyzing a project they hope to win, or during design to optimize performance of energy systems. Building owners use our analyses to set the criteria of an RFP or pre-plan before energy audits or renovations. 

Green building projects or not, our analyses provide detail up front so teams know where to focus!

How does the pricing bundle work?

We recognize that some of our users may purchase several analyses in a span of 365 days and we want to give them a break! So consider purchasing one of our BPO3 or BPO6 bundles and we'll provide you with 6 unique analyses for the price of 5.

What details do a BPO Analysis provide?

BPO3 analyses benchmark your building against its peers and provide alternatives for energy reductions and optimization. BPO6 includes the detail of BPO3 but expands to water optimization, occupant measures, carbon, and an implementation plan for Day 1.

Doesn't a web-app service have a mobile app?

We sure do! Use the links below to access our mobile apps on the Google Play Store, Amazon's App Store, and on Apple's iTunes!